about us

the man behind the camera

From a young age I’ve had an eye and passion for film. It all started with small gigs, a bank loan and a dream. Business was booming in my small town. Over the years after moving to San Antonio the dream and my camera collected dust. It wasn’t until my wife and I got married in 2019 that we needed a videographer for our wedding. 

We wanted a nice video at an affordable price, who doesn’t right! We were very disappointed…Our families and friends were mostly filmed from the neck down, there were missing parts of the reception, including the ceremony. From that moment I was re-inspired to make GREAT films at an affordable price for people.

As the saying goes if you want something done right, do it yourself. I chose the name Film Forge Studio because the word forge by definition means to bring together, to create…not only the film itself but also memories, families and friends.